28 September 2009 | Team Tamar

Measuring Onsite content

I was at ad tech on 23rd September and attended quite a few talks during the day. I found one talk particlulary interesting which was about why brands should invest in onsite content and how we can measure the effect of content. From a purely brand prespective (beyond SEO), content could benefit the site from a variety of factors:

  • Brand support
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Showcase as thought leaders

And then the usual suspects like:

  • Navigation
  • Conversion
  • Customer engagement

Many of us struggle with the idea of measuring content and that it is quite difficult to do so. On a not-too SEO biased note, onsite content created for natural search is not only less expensive than content created for some othet channels but remains on the site once created so it is an investment in a long term strategy.

There are quite a few ways to measure content and analyse what is working well and what is not:

  • Keyword tracking in search rankings
  • Keyword density tests with competitors sites gives you an idea of just how well written is your content
  • Actual visists to content pages
  • Dwell time on content pages
  • Conversion from content pages
  • PPC conversion
  • RSS signups for your content
  • Content picked up in Google news

To say the least, investment in well written content is worth having part of your digital strategy.

Team Tamar