11 September 2009 | Team Tamar

Is Twitter more use to brands than Facebook?

Just over a year ago all the big brands were popping up on Facebook.  Creating games, competitions or other methods of engagement and then proudly showing how many fans they had gained. With Twitter becoming increasingly popular this year, I’m definitely leaning towards Twitter being more value to our clients when pushing a campaign.

The more random people I follow on Twitter or people follow me, the more private I am becoming about Facebook. I don’t mind celebrities or brands plugging their book or TV show on Twitter, but if they did it on Facebook I’d be mildly offended.

Without investment Facebook pages can easily lay dormant as you wait for fans to visit and engage with you, so the fan count has less value, but with Twitter the whole point is that you are regularly notifying your followers of upcoming news or campaigns, so it’s not seen as invasive.

As Twitter promotes active conversation, you can search your brand name and find out what your consumers are talking about. Something that is an integral part and expected from Twitter, but again I wouldn’t like it if a brand contacted me on Facebook or commented on a remark I had made to a friend. It feels much more one way on Facebook, if I’m interested I will go to them.

Also, as I discovered recently on Twitter you can change your account name. Meaning once a campaign has finished you won’t lose your followers, you can change the name and keep the account active. Something you can’t do on Facebook.

As the year progresses I can see the usage of Facebook and Twitter getting increasingly separate, as Facebook becomes a personal space for friends and family only.  Therefore it may surface that Twitter becomes the main social environment to really interact with the consumer.

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Team Tamar

  • http://www.digitalwelly.com Andrew Banks

    You’ve raised some interesting points in this article.

    My viewpoint is that Facebook is better than Twitter in terms of volume and levels of interaction and engagement. However, Twitter works better as a source of direct customer recruitment and in some respects engagement.

    You can engage in more ways on Facebook but the engagement is more personal on Twitter.

    Once Twitter gets proper mass market adoption and not just the early starters then I think Twitter will be come more useful as a marketing tool.