15 September 2009 | Team Tamar

“InPrivate Filtering” another cool feature of IE 8

While you are browsing a web site it may be pulling active content from many other different third party sources and of course these contents have benefits and value for the user. It is important to remember that at the same time these active contents from third parties may have the potential to track your behavior across multiple websites.

To prevent your browsing information from being passed on to third parties and to provide user with the choice to control all this “InPrivate Filtering” a new feature from IE8 enables users to filter off and block third party content that appears with a high degree of frequency across the site.

InPrivate Filtering can be turned on from the Safety menu. To access and manage different filtering options for Internet Explorer 8, select InPrivate Filtering Settings from the Safety menu.

To end your InPrivate Browsing session, simply close the browser window. InPrivate Filtering is off by default and must be enabled on a per-session basis.

“Note: Because InPrivate Filtering is designed to watch for and block only third-party content that appears with a high frequency across sites you visit, no content is blocked until such levels are detected, nor is any such content blocked which is served directly by the site you are visiting.”

You can also customise which third-party content is blocked or allowed in the InPrivate Filtering Settings option in the Safety menu.

Team Tamar