4 September 2009 | Team Tamar

Here come the teens… A teenager speaks

This week at Tamar we’ve been lucky enough to host a work experience person, in the shape of one Rachel Hosie. Rachel has been working with the Social Media team, helping us with some data gathering and doing some top-secret research. But one of the things that we spent some time looking at was the Morgan Stanley teenage report from a few weeks ago. Rachel was so intrigued by the research that she did some of her own. We won’t give out the full details at the moment, but she was kind enough to write us a blog post about some of her findings:


According to reports, Twitter has been generally considered an adults’ (35+) social network. However, the times seem to be changing! The buzz about Twitter is growing amongst teenagers and more of us are joining. This was recently echoed in an article that appeared on Mashable.com. To quote a 16-year old friend of mine, “it is better cause it is like straight forward..do your status and like then you are done…cause I personally think that writing my status is fun. Oh and you can put pics..attached ..and aim a status at someone, which is cool.” A quick poll of my 20 closest friends revealed that 20% of them have signed up to Twitter in the last two weeks, and they generally seem to be enjoying and sticking with it!

One feature that really attracts teenagers to Twitter is the fact that we can follow celebrities. This is very exciting as it allows us to interact with them in a way that we never have been able to before.

However, not all the “yoof” of today are quite so keen, to quote another friend, “I don’t get why you’d follow someone. Isn’t that just like Facebook?” Facebook was originally taken over by teens a couple of years ago and we all joined up purely because everyone else was. I can see this now starting to happen with Twitter, one new teen Twitterer said she joined because “most people were joining up and I didn’t want to be one of the last to join.” Teenagers are all about climbing the social ladder and keeping up to date with what’s going on, and if all their friends jump ship to Twitter, they don’t want to be the last one on Facebook if it’s sinking!


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  • Robin Fishley

    Shiver me timbers is that the jolly roger on the horizon – No its a little blue bird – incapable of sinking anything but tis own ship…