29 September 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Google Hot Trends

New Improved Hot Trends

Our chums at Google have updated their hot trends and it now includes some swanky new graphics, but only if you are in the US and Japan. Hopefully this will make its way over here shortly but there is no word on this on their offical blog post.

So a search for the actor William H Macy who is fourth on the current hot list gives you the result below:

Hot Trends

As you can see the ‘hotness’ is volcanic, which is a technical term for really very hot.

The number of trends has been reduced to 40 from 100 on the trends homepage but results for this feature will take information from the top 100 trends.

Not sure if this is in direct competition with twitter trends but it would be interesting to see just how they compare and indeed contrast.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar