29 September 2009 | Team Tamar

Bing in the UK – Hope for Microsoft?

They say the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Well that is certainly what Google’s competitors must be hoping.

So the latest search stats from across the pond must have caused some people to think that finally a David had been born to humble the Google Goliath.

According to these stats, Bing (David in this story) has increased its share of searches in the US to 10.7%, with a 22% month-on-month growth.

So can we expect to see Bing soon dominating both sides of the Atlantic?

Well, erm, doubtful.

Figures released by Hitwise on Saturday for search volumes in the UK show Bing only have a tiny 2.64% share of the search market. In comparison Google is enjoying a near 90% share of this lucrative market.

So whilst the American market is flirting with Bing, it is safe to say we Brits will continue to be infatuated with Google!

The domination of Google continues unabated in the UK

The domination of Google continues unabated in the UK

Team Tamar