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Are you on the Twitter blacklist?

Milly Diaz
Milly Diaz
Associate Director of Social Media
29 September 2009

This past weekend, I discovered that tweets from Aaron Williams, Tamar’s Head of Technology (@bayshield), aren’t showing up in Twitter search results.

I noticed it on Sunday while I was monitoring tweets about The Prince’s Trust’s “Palace to Palace” charity ride (Aaron, an avid cyclist, took part in the event and The Prince’s Trust is a Tamar client).

I thought it was odd that Aaron’s “Palace2Palace” tweets:


Didn’t show up in my search queries for “Palace2Palace”:


On Monday morning, I brought this to the attention of Aaron and our Head of Social Media, Henry Elliss (@henweb).

We ran a few more tests and, unfortunately, all signs affirmed that Aaron’s on some sort of Twitter blacklist!

Here are the results of one of those tests. Henry and Aaron both tweeted #IsTwitterBroken:


In Twitter search results, Henry’s tweet shows up. Aaron’s tweet didn’t register:


To top it all off, @bayshield doesn’t appear in the “Find on Twitter” search:


But, Henry and I both follow Aaron and we’re still getting his @bayshield tweets in our feed! Head scratcher, eh?

Why would Twitter blacklist our tech guru? Check out his Twitter profile, you’ll see Aaron is not a shady porn bot spammer. We’re reaching out to Twitter support about this craziness.

Hope we’ll have an update to share sooner rather than later!



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