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Vince, I feel a bandwagon coming along

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
4 August 2009

Hop on board with Vince

There have been lots of views on the Vince update, a lot of them guesswork. And sometimes with a lack of specific information and evidence that’s all you have to go on. But one thing which has been missed is that right from the get go (5 months ago!) Google said that this was not a Brand update. And surely that’s the clue as to what’s going on?

That many brands have benefitted  there is no doubt but with Google always go back to their key message, well the one after the whole ‘no evil’ thing, and that is ‘relevancy‘. This has always been at the font of what they want from their results so although there has been a change there has been no change in their intent.

So understanding this is part of the equation and for me there are a number of key take homes from this.

  • Content is still vital, you need to do what you say you do on the tin
  • User actions, what they do on your site matters, and what they don’t do as well
  • Link, think quality, not quantity
  • Buzz, it counts

And this is where it can get a bit interesting:

  • Expectation, users expect to see certain sites for some search terms and they want to see familiar sites in the results

OK, I can get that. But why would Google care about that? After all the interweb and Google is a democracy right? Well, how about validation of their other results? So from general searches and generating trust in their overall rankings down to keyword specific results and placing three ‘expected’ sites in a set of results validates the other seven, and maybe their PPC as well.

It’s all interesting stuff and of course there’s a lot more to it than this but hopefully people will move away from the whole Brand thing and focus more on what Google wants which is for sites to deliver relevancy, so they can do so as well.



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