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UK online shopping up 16.8% in July

Alex Christie

28 August 2009

During the wettest July on record in England and Wales, we took shelter in front of our computers and shopped! The clothing sector was the driving force behind the significant growth; with sales up 18% on the previous month, and 17% year on year. Also popular, electrical items realised a healthy monthly growth of 11%. IMRG Capgemini UK’s e-Retail Sales Index attributes this success to the continued ‘improvement of retailer’s online propositions with better product information, visual merchandising and delivery methods.’

Losers in July, the beers, wines and spirit sector, showing a year on year decline of 23%. Victims of the ‘no show’ BBQ summer!

It is clear that as online merchants become more sophisticated and relevant with their customer communications and propositions, higher conversion rates result. Here’s hoping that the late August warmth and sunshine will not contain our enthusiasm for online shopping!



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