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Twitter Meltdown

Milly Diaz
Milly Diaz
Associate Director of Social Media
7 August 2009

I’m a self-cofessed Twitter addict and its two hour downtime on Thursday was painful. In my time of distress, I turned to Google and did a search to find some answers. I was elated to find out that yes, indeed, Twitter was down (I wasn’t the only one suffering!), but at the same time crushed to discover that folks at Twitter HQ didn’t know what the problem was.

Apparently, a ton of people flocked to Facebook during the meltdown, slowing down the service. I knew Facebook wasn’t going to be my source for immediate answers.  Most of my Twittering FB friends are based in America and were likely sleeping (note to self, ‘friend’ more UK-based Twitterers on FB).

About an hour later, Twitter revealed that it was defending against a denial-of-service attack. Thank goodnes the folks at Mashable.com explained what that meant! Apparently, Twitter was probably saturated with so many fake requests that it was unable to return legitimate ones. And, these attempts are difficult to defend against even for some ‘established sites’.

Funnily enough, one of this morning’s top trending topics is #whentwitterwasdown.

I read some fabulous ROI reports, sprinkled with checking to see if Twitter was back up every 5-6 minutes.

What did you get up to?

Update: According to new reports, Facebook was bombarded with the malicious ‘denial of service attacks’ on Thursday as well: http://bit.ly/NroLA.  Apparently, the attackers wanted to silence a Georgian blogger called Cyxymu.

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