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TED – getting creative

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
10 August 2009

Occasionally we all need a bit of inspiration, or to hear a positive message, or want to learn about something completely different. If you haven’t already come across TED, then I can highly recommend it to address all of the above!

ted-talks-ideas-worth-spreadingTED is a small not-for-profit organisation that is committed to spreading ideas to all knowledge-seekers through talks given by the worlds leaders in all areas of industry, education and politics. There is no set theme for any talk, yet all are incredibly engaging and informative. As a starter for any TED newbies I can recommend Gordon Brown’s recent talk at the TED Global event in Oxford in July, and Tim Berners-Lee’s talk on the next web.

The beauty of the TED talks are that they are short snippits into completely new areas of interest and future thinking. They are incredibly accessible and easy to digest. I can recommend downloading them to your iPod to watch at moments when you’ve 10/15 minutes to spare and are looking for something a little different to entertain you!

Keep an eye out for the recent Stephen Fry talk which will be posted shortly on the TED site, and I encourage everyone to share their favourite talk in the comments below!



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