20 August 2009 | Team Tamar

No Joke, Video’s Coming to Print!



American TV broadcaster CBS has found a way to cut through the noise of our modern “message” saturated world.

With the help of ad partner, Pepsi, they’re advertising their fall TV show line up with a video-chip ad embedded in an issue of the magazine, Entertainment Weekly.

Yes, you’re reading that right! A video in a magazine!

Wait, it gets even more interesting – CNET reports the battery that powers the video ad lasts for about 65 to 70 minutes and can be recharged with a mini USB cord.

In my opinion, the use of this technology is going to go way beyond marketing campaigns.

I see publishers (especially those catering to the wee tots) using it in super interesting ways.

Once the technology becomes cheap enough for mainstream use, I also see aspiring actors/actresses thrusting video-integrated paper resumes into the hands of producers and agents they’re serving at bars.

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Team Tamar