12 August 2009 | Team Tamar

Microsoft will not give up on Internet Explorer 6

High profile traffic sites like YouTube and Digg are considering dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 very soon, as they are increasingly growing frustrated with modifying their sites to support Internet Explorer 6. From a recent survey done by Digg, it showed that 69% of Digg users still use Internet Explorer 6, but only because they are forced to use it, due to restrictions at work.

Several blogs and sites have reported that Microsoft plans to cease support for the browser, while still commanding the market share of 27.2%, which is slightly ahead of it’s younger brother Internet Explorer 7 on 23%, and Firefox 3 on 16.2%.

However, Microsoft responded to to suggestions that they are considering to stop supporting Internet Eplorer 6 to upgrade to the newer versions of their popular browser. Microsoft says that it will not force consumers to upgrade. They state that the choice belongs to the consumer, and the user has to right to upgrade their hardware and software at their descretion.

Team Tamar