10 August 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Images in PPC Ads

Sponsored results showing images

Just did a quick search for dresses, I need a new one, and came across two ads with images and looks like formatted feeds for three dresses along with prices. One in the second place and one in the last place.


I have not seen this before has anyone else? Are the links from shopping feeds? And why do both ads use the same title? In this searches case both use ‘Shop 100s Of Dresses’ and one goes to very.co.uk and the other to littlewoods.co.uk. Really interesting stuff.

Anyway, got to go to a meeting so if you have any thoughts drop in a comment.

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Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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  • http://www.ipodrepublic.com Daniel Tangen

    Have read about this earlier that Google has been testing an integration with the shopping listings for Paid Search ads as well in the US, allowing advertisers that are also using Google Base to have images and product pricing in their paid search listings.

    Interesting to see that they seem to be testing it here in the UK as well.