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Simran Nanda
Simran Nanda
Account Manager
7 August 2009

Coming from a digital background focusing on SEO, I sometimes forget how important it is to focus on the single most important fact that dictates all marketing strategies – the customer. With an aim to refresh my memeory of this long forgoten phenomenon,I decided to attend a rather basic ‘customer strategy’web-ex.

Here are some of the headlines from the web-ex:

The 4 C’s

o Customer engagement
o Customer experience
o Customer satisfaction
o Customer loyalty

Customer centric strategies (success strategy)

o Get closer to your customer (360 degrees customer review)
o Do more with less (automate tools, more focused efforts etc.)
o Find creative revenue opportunities (spot trends with deep customer insight)
o Benefit with globalisation (leverage global connections etc.)

In case you are wondering what in the God’s name is 360 degree customer view, then it simply means the following:

o Attitudes
o Demographics
o Value
o Behaviour

Now I can go back to my SEO world and consider all of your customers everythime I think of your strategy.



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