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BlackBerry – Coming soon to a Mac near you

Alex Christie

16 August 2009

After years of promising Mac support for the BlackBerry, RIM are finally releasing a Macintosh version of the popular BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

macdesktopsummaryLooking somewhat similar to iTunes, RIM says the new sofware will enable users to:

  • Sync calendars, contacts, notes and tasks
  • Update the BlackBerry software
  • Add and remove applications
  • Back-up, restore and encrypt data
  • Manage multiple devices
  • Sync iTunes playlists

The software is expected to be released in September and will require Mac OS X 10.5.5 or above.

Recent research by Gartner shows BlackBerry leading the smartphone market with a 19.5% share with Apples iPhone growing rapidly in it’s first two years to hold approximately 10.7% of the market.

More Information is available at: www.blackberry.com/mac



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