22 July 2009 | Team Tamar

Windows 7: bits I’m gonna like

I’m hearing a lot of good things about Windows 7 right now. After taking advantage of the early adopter scheme, and ordering a copy of the Home Premium edition, I’m feeling a little twang of excitement about the October official release. Am I suckered into some kind of Microsoft hype right now? Only time will tell…


But in the meantime, these are the bits of the new Microsoft operating system which I think I’m gonna like. First off, it’s not going to be the improved security, yawn. It’s not going to be the stuff like improved UAC, short for User Access Control, which is a security feature that Microsoft introduced in Windows Vista and annoyed anybody who switched it on. This feature now requires less of your intervention whenever a program is launched on your computer. Yeah, whatever.

No, the bits I’m going to like are:

1. A new thing called libraries, which allows you to organise your folders.  This means for instance, that if you have lots of music folders dotted all over your computer hard disk, you can now assign all these folders into a section of your library. If your computer is anything like mine, where I put all my drivers and stuff into folders strategically in a nonsensical fashion, then this function is going to prove invaluable.


2. The start button has had an ‘Apple Mac’ makeover in Windows 7. There will no longer be text alongside application icons.  Windows 7 Icons will be nice, large and clear. I wonder if my squint is the result of years of staring at small icons?


3. Rotating wallpaper background. I sometimes get bored of looking at my wallpaper of a city at dusk time, but can never be bothered to change it. There’s probably applications that can already do this today, but it’ll be nice not to have to hunt one down.

4. Ooooh, I also like the new feature, where if I shake a window, all opened windows barring the one I’m strangling will close, and hence clearing my desktop of clutter. Yay.

Well, there’s only a couple of months to wait, so I expect my copy of Windows 7 to go either missing in the post, or arrive a week after the official launch date.

Team Tamar