16 July 2009 | Team Tamar

Turkey rockets past Canada to be Facebook No. 3

As you will know if you’re a regular reader of the Tamar blog, I like to keep an eye on how Facebook is doing around the world, with my occassional “Top 10 Facebook-using countries” posts. I should point out that I’d dearly *love* to be doing this for some of the other big social media sites too, but as it stands Facebook is the only one I can easily get the data for, using their ad-creation tool. Anyway, when I was looking at the data this morning I was shocked to see that Canada has finally dropped out of the Top 3 – with Turkey taking it’s place in spectacular fashion:


I was surprised enough back in early 2008 when the UK overtook Canada, but the Canadians actually look to have completely peaked in Facebook usage now, with the graph above showing quite explicitly how usage is actually dipping now. Turkey on the other hand seems to be embracing the ever-popular social network with open arms, growing from 3.5 to 12.5 million users in the past year alone. Digging around for any explanations for this amazing growth, I found a few good blog posts speculating on the reasons – this one in particular is old but still very relevant.

Elsewhere in the top 10, there’s be no surprises higher up in the table, with the US still holding on to the top spot, and the UK still steadily climbing in position 2 – though the line does seem to be levelling off a bit for the latter (see below). Further down the table, Spain has recently over-taken both Colombia and Chile to enter the top 10. The full table can be found underneath the graphs below…



Team Tamar