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That is Twice

Alex Christie

23 July 2009

As if we did not know already, Twitter is fast creaping into every corner of society and I have three examples of this inexorible spread today.

1.  Probably the least surprising is the plethora of Twitter tools available for Firefox - “the faster, smarter way to surf the Web”. These include TwitterBar and TwitterFox, but the one that I find the most useful is Twitbin. Once you’ve installed Twitbin, the Firefox sidebar will let you keep up with Twitter directly from your browser. You’ll be able to send tweets, replies, direct messages and re-tweet. The tabs at the top will let you switch between views. Nice (or is that twice?)

2. Not only is Twitter set to be included in the Collins English Dictionary as a noun, but also as a verb. Its noun definition will be, “a website where people can post short messages about their current activities”. Its entry as a verb will read: “To write short messages on the Twitter website.”

3. There’s even a Twitter client running on the Commodore 64. Check out a video here. Whatever next? England to win the Ashes?



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