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Alex Christie

29 July 2009

Whilst we may challenge and debate the stats, the latest global social media trends should, at the very least, encourage marketers to begin the conversation with their Social Media partners, and importantly, their customers. UM’s fourth ‘Power to the People’ social media study claims that 63% of active internet users (consumers who go online once a day, or every other day) have now created a social networking profile of some kind, versus 53% in the same study a year ago. Social network users are now more likely to upload videos and photos, blog or even upload widgets than they were in 2008. And the channel is playing a more and more important role in not only consumer’s digital or internet lives, but also their daily lives.


UM’s challenge to brands or services is to engage with their customers in these spaces. Begin by understanding how, where and when they are using the many platforms that facilitate the generation of content and sharing. And importantly, is there ‘space’, or is it appropriate to become a part of this dialogue or conversation?


To be brave enough to take the plunge, invest the resource, become a part of, or associated with this communication ‘movement’, will go a long way to improving your brand awareness, and ultimately deepen the brand/consumer relationship. There is no time like the present.



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