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PubCon London 09

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
4 July 2009

Pubcon London 09

What better on a sunny summer afternoon than to descend into a darkened beer cellar and drink err, beer?

Well, that’s what I did as I headed off to an olde drinking haunt the Cittie of Yorke which I have an interesting history with spanning back 20 years.  I seem to remember a lot of conversations about pineapples for some reason. Crazy 80′s days.

Back to the here and now I picked up a beer and headed into the cool cellar and checked up on the Lions rugby scores and all was well there.

I had a couple of good chats with some people about Google and SEO in general. There were some familiar faces there as well as some new ones and I met some really enthusiastic SEO folks which is always good.

Here is a photo of the venue and some punters having a drink and natter.

Cellar SEO

Cellar SEO

If you want the real juice , well you should have been there. It was kind of a nice thing to do so thanks WMW for putting this on.



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