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Google to launch new Chrome operating system

Alex Christie

8 July 2009

150522-google_logoGoogle has today announced that it is launching a new operating system called Chrome OS. The new OS is initially going to be aimed at the netbook market and will be a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Windows XP which has seen a resurgence in popularity as a direct result of the growth in the netbook market.

Google’s decision to build it the operating system from scratch means that it will not be able to run any existing applications written for Windows or Linux, and therefore any consumers using the new OS will most likely have to use online applications such as Google Mail and Google Docs.

When Google launched the Chrome browser late last year they made it very clear that it had been written from the ground up to support the ‘next generation’ of online web applications. By developing an OS that will support the Chrome browser but limit the number of third party applications that can be installed, Google is clearly trying to push users down the path towards using hosted applications.



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