1 July 2009 | Team Tamar

Changes to Twitter welcomed by users

If only Facebook were so keen to keep their users happy!

Twitter unveiled some snazzy new additions to their site today, in the form of an improved experience for browsing your followers / friends list. The new feature gives you a lot more options when browsing these lists (an essential task when trying to find interesting people to follow), including a real-time display of the user’s latest tweet (see screenshot below), shortcuts for messaging / DM’ing / Blocking / Following the user and added information about the user, such as their location.


One of the best things about Twitter is it’s real-time nature, and as such it’s very easy to get an indication as to how well users are accepting the new changes – and generally it seems to be welcomed by most.

Unlike many of the recent changes by Facebook… According to Valleywag / Gawker back in March, Mark Zuckerberg allegedly told Facebook employees that they should ignore user feedback, and many insiders claimed that the waves being felt around the company were down to Zuckerberg’s obsession with Twitter, which he (apparently) saw as another “disruptive” company who ignored their users. But from what we’ve seen in the past 6 months, the guys at Twitter generally seem pretty keen on taking user feedback onboard. Perhaps if Facebook took a leaf out of their book then people wouldn’t be so frustrated by their recent “improvements” ?

Team Tamar