28 July 2009 | Team Tamar

Back to school!

This weekend Tamar’s own Barrie Bowles visited Oak Lodge School in Balham, the location of our 2009 UK Charity project. It was the first time that anyone has visited since we completed the project in June, so we have to admit we were slightly apprehensive of how everything was looking – had the grass seed grown; were all the structures and murals still intact and was the vegetable garden still alive!

We were delighted to see that everything was as we expected it; we knew that everything would have been well looked after by the school but were uncertain how the lawns and other areas would have held up in the weather.

The school is now on holiday for the summer however the Hearing Impaired centre on site are using the amphitheatre when the sun shines, which is great to hear.

It’s lovely to see everything again, and we can’t wait for many more return visits.

Team Tamar