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All’s a Twitter at Whitehall

Milly Diaz
Milly Diaz
Associate Director of Social Media
30 July 2009


Earlier this week, a 20-page report detailing a template Twitter strategy for government departments went public. Read the report in its entirety right here.

For any Twitter newbie, the ‘Twitter Overview’ section and its related appendices are a worthwhile read. The how to’s and why’s are on target and clearly explained. My mother is inevitably going to ask me to explain ‘this Twitter thing’ to her and my e-mail response will definitely include parts of the government’s report.

It’s encouraging to see that the government’s strategist acknowledges the importance of tweeting exclusive content with a human touch. These two factors are key to balancing their outlined, highly managed approach to Twittering. So, as long as national security isn’t compromised, we can expect updates on Ministers movements and/or their insights on the day’s issues!

And, despite the criticisms departments will inevitably face for some of their Twitter practices, the strategist pushes his fellow civil servants to carry on anyway because it will knock down walls between government and her people. To that I say, bravo!



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