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Why you should change from Google to Bing

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
3 June 2009

Not that you will, at least, not straight away

So Bing is live, or live in Beta but that’s just a smart get out clause we all use.

Anyway, ignore the hype and the cynicism, and the vast amount of advertising that is heading your way and actually focus on what may be  a pretty good search engine. We have talked a fair bit about Bing here, here and here but let’s look at what it can actually offer you right now.

First off I really like the quick preview pane which you can view by hovering over the orange dot to the right of the results. This brings up additional information from the site so you can very quickly get an idea of relevancy as well as use their quick links to get through to the right page – neat.

Cheap Flights

Cheap Flights

Secondly, we love their video search which draws in results from many sources and of course you get to hover over the video thumbnail to run it live there and then.

I also like the way they display their results, see below, and the fact that you drill through the results via length, screen size, resolution and source.

Star Trek

Star Trek

Finally, and there may be other reasons you find, I like the simplicity of their design. This is something Google have always done really well at but it seems like Bing has taken a leaf from their book. In fact, for me some Google channels look very muddled compared to Bing, News for example. The search for Kaka shows a clear list on Bing, see below whereas on Google their is so much going on my head hurts.



So Google looks like:

Google News

Google News

OK, so you get he chance to drill down using the left hand navigation but it all just looks cluttered compared to Bing.

But the real test is how will it suit your purposes? What information are you trying to get? Are the results relevant? The only way is to try Bing and see if you get what you want from it and compare it to Google. As Bing is developed for the UK market expect to see more relevancy and UK specific features.

We do expect Google to keep developing and they have done a great job so far so interesting times lie ahead.

It’s all good news for users and of course it is free – so why not give Bing a go?



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