8 June 2009 |

Tamar TLC – Gugulethu round 3, Day 1

Cape Town:  Project managers log

Naeem Dollie, Elizabeth Okes, Nico Van der Watt

Naeem Dollie, Elizabeth Okes, Nico Van der Watt

It was a fine Winters morning in Cape town when we set off to Gugulethu for day one of our CSR project. Everybody was in high spirits – with only a few hints of the workload ahead. We had divided the team into two, the walruses and the carpenters. The carpenters are responsible for the bookshelf construction, the Walruses are huge shaggy sea mammals with tusks and were in charge of the see-saws. The walruses were bang on target and managed to solidly mount the supports for the see-saws in the allotted time, Nico had kindly helped with these over the weekend – thanks Nico.

Naeem Dollie, Rick Bosch

Naeem Dollie, Rick Bosch

The carpenters had intended to complete at least 50% of the bookshelf construction task on the first day – we did better than that – we managed to complete more than 75% of the task so we made some very good headway there. The hardest part is yet to come however – the mammoth task of painting the bookshelves.

Jackie was responsible for lunch on day one, serving up a magnificent Mediterranean feast.

Day one Conclusion: Success


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