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Tamar Community Project at Oak Lodge School – Day 1

Alex Christie

8 June 2009


On an overcast morning that broke into occasional sunshine, the Tamar team were warmly welcomed to the Oak Lodge School by School Principal, Denise Morton, Senior Teacher, Claire Ingham and Communication Co-ordinator Lesley Davidson. After a very useful initial sign language session, we were introduced to the students of the school and were each given a personal ‘sign name’ – some running-related (Neilson), some beard-related (Henry), and some hairstyle-related (Alex). It was a gesture which made us feel at home at the school and a friendly way for the students to meet all of the Tamar team.


And so the work commenced….


 alex-is-rubbishAfter the project management team of Henry and Chloe briefed the Tamar team, they assembled into teams of enthusiastic gardeners, painters, carpenters,soil movers. The soil-moving team, self-styled as ‘Team Brawn’, consisting of Neilson, Alex, Jon, and Eamon, were a well-oiled (and muddied) team of soil movers and skip strategists. They manfully-lifted almost 100 heavy bags of clay into the skip in the morning and cleared wheelbarrow loads of wood chippings from the area in the evening, with Jon Cheng in particular showing a turn of pace with a wheelbarrow that wouldnt look out of place from his namesakes’ team in Formula 1. They were also ably helped by Ayyaz, Ed Lategan, and Lavelle.


theatreWork on the amphitheatre got successfully underway by the team of Neil A., Barrie, Rob, Ayyaz, Ed Lategan, and Andrew. They dug channels around the outside of the theatre for drainage. They placed a tarpauline at the base of the amphiteatre, measured all the timber to be used, and sawed them in preparation for laying down the theatre decking. Later in the evening, under the guidance of Tony McGahan, the walls around the amphitheatre were rendered and cemented for what will be an excellent project to see take shape in the days ahead.


jungle-jim-3In the far corner of the garden, worked the industrious Jungle Jim team consisting of Jeremy, Aaron, Lesley, Sarah T., Nicky, Ed McCulloch, Andrew, Neil J., Anthony and the ever-versatile Ed Lategan. Over the course of a day’s hard-digging and cementing, they dug twelve holes to place the legs of the Jungle Jim sleeper boards and cemented them into place.


Overall, a great day’s work and the perfect start to the week’s project ahead.



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