2 June 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Pushing the boundaries for new content

As Bing is almost ready to roll out more fully on the 3 June we can expect to see more activity as the Search Engines look to try and outdo each other in terms of new releases and functionality. But where will the boundaries be drawn and where are the limits in terms of ‘fair use’ of third party content?

One area which has been highlighted is that around the video results on Bing which play automatically as you scroll over them. Great for the user but if you own your video content how happy are you with this being picked up and used by the search engines?

Of course this is not so new with Google having been given the OK to pick up images and display as thumbnails by the US Federal Appeals Court but is the use of video going to be given the thumbs up in the same way?

We would think in this case probably. Even if advertising is stripped out from the user point of view if an video is deemed worthy on viewing the thumbnail the chance is they will click through to the original source of the video, the publishers site.

But is does raise the question about how far the Search Engines will go to get new content and how they display it. What we are seeing so far from both Google and Bing is just new ways of displaying known information. And for now that seems to be where the battle lines have been drawn by the main players.

But as we have seen with Wolfram Alpha new types and sources and information also offer opportunities for different types of searches previously not used by Joe Public.

There is a huge appetite for content in all shapes and sizes through Search Engines and personally I think that the Search Engines will need to uncover new types and sources of content and whether that is through crawling or through submission (News feeds for example) I don’t think they will mind.

What you as a site owner need to do is figure out what your part will be. Are you happy to make all of your content available (in which case are you doing this in the right way?) or are you going to closley guard your key content?

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar