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Online Video and Your Brand

Alex Christie

23 June 2009

Back in February, after the Video and Podcast SEO session I spoke to Amanda Watlington at SES London about where she felt the future of video would lie.  Four months on has seen the continued meteoric rise in video viewing with (the latest comScore figures below showing that 152 million US internet users viewed 16.8 billion videos). It has also seen Microsoft Bing enter the search engine market with their excellent video search feature.


Who Uses It and How

As covered in Henry’s excellent post back in March on Skittles’ recent social media campaign, Skittles are one of the first-in-market in video brand-engagement, inviting people to ‘taste the rainbow’ through their YouTube channel. Brands are using video to engage with their audiences, in ways ranging from viral video campaigns like Caterer.com’s entertaining and very successful Gordon Ramsay-parody, ‘Little Gordon‘, through to full-blown marketing campaigns like Ford’s subtle ‘Where are the Jones’s?’ campaigns. Brands are seeing a community of online video viewers growing and they’re acting on it.

Why Use Video

The fact that broadcasters like Channel 4, ITV, and Sky are flocking online upon seeing BBC’s iplayer figures (271 million video views in 2008) shows the immense scale and potential of online video. Google, never one to be left behind by a development online, provide video-specific searches in their ‘search options’ which drills down to video’s length, and recency.

Online video also has the advantage over traditional tv ads with their interactivity, allowing you to click on parts of the video to find out more about that particular product which has huge e-commerce potential. Online video also allow transcriptions of the video content which can be time segmented meaning soon you will be able to search on Google for even parts of videos that you like.

What Can You Do

Online video is a very real opportunity to engage with your consumers in an entertaining and persuasive way. Once a video is created, the video can be optimized and distributed to the video aggregators so that people can find your brand video on Google, You Tube, and on any other video site.  We have seen examples of brands appearing in Google just a day after we optimized and distributed their video. A golden online opportunity is arising for brands and it’s time for you to grab it before your competitor does.



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