24 June 2009 | Team Tamar

‘Harnessing the Power of Twitter’

twitter-logoInternet World’s ‘Harnessing the Power of Twitter’ conference in Central London yesterday, provided a great forum for the full spectrum of Twitter enthusiasts. The surprise at the outset, was the +50% show of hands by the audience when asked by James Drake-Brockman, Event Director: ‘Who has never used Twitter?’. I believe that the day went a long way to convincing the uninitiated to be brave, and sign up! An interesting stat showed the UK fourth behind the US, Germany and India in Twitter users.

The headlines from the day, beyond familiarising oneself with the Twitter jargon, were clear:

  • The business value, and return on investment (‘It’s free!’ the common retort) is still unclear, though branding, awareness, creating interest, discussion and debate are the leading attributes shared by the avid Twitter fans. It is not yet creating desire nor call to action, though even this was challenged during the afternoon’s ‘Big debate’.
  • Tone of voice, content/messaging and relevance should be consistent with Company values, even for those who Tweet independently of the official Company spokesperson. An agreed weekly Content Plan could be beneficial to this end.
  • ‘140 characters can be a powerful tool’. Deleting a Tweet is not an option, so careful consideration regarding your message is obvious. Don’t ‘un-follow’ anyone, unless absolutely necessary. Your ‘unsavoury’ followers will soon lose interest if you do not meet their needs. Keep the right balance between those that you are following versus your followers – not too big a gap.
  • The single most useful Twitter tool that was exposed – ‘Twtvite.com’. A useful event tool which facilitates the organisation of Tweetups and meaningful connections – ‘Find tweetups in your town’

So, a great day that went a long way to encouraging all to get Tweeting!

Team Tamar

  • http://www.tamar.com Jeremy

    Speaking to a number of people about the business value of Twitter reveals that the conversion rate of eyeballs on your tweats to eyeballs on your blog is about 10%!