4 June 2009 | Team Tamar

Google’s new look Webmaster Tools

Those of you who have visited Google’s Webmaster Tools recently will have noticed a link at the top of the page inviting users to “check out our new look”.  

I have been using the new look and feel for the past fortnight and it is a definate improvement over the old site, with improvements to both the site navigation and grouping of related information.  I had been a little disapointed however in the lack of new functionality, until I stumbled across a nifty new feature on the ‘Top Search Queries’ screen.

Webmaster tools has always offered the abililty to view the top search queries for a site, along with the rankings for these terms, however the values displayed are a global view.  The new webmaster tools still displays this view by default, however there is now a dropdown which allows you to filter your site by google domain (i.e. google.com vs google.co.uk).

Webmaster Tools - Top Search Queries Screen

Team Tamar