4 June 2009 |

Google Squared Live

It’s a comparison engine, that you control

I am really pleased that Google Squared is live, albeit on Google labs so still in beta,  as it looks like a tool that could be great fun and really useful.

When this was announced as part of Searchology 2009 we thought this was one of the best ideas to come out. Essentially, and I quote ‘Google Squared is an experimental search tool that collects facts from the web and presents them in an organized collection, similar to a spreadsheet.’ And guess what, that’s what it does!

What is really cool is that you get to add to the results in away that has not really been seen on Search Engines so far. So for example, using the tried and trusted search term ‘digital camera’ the results below are returned:

Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras

However, if you want to get some additional information, say on what size ‘memory’ the cameras come in you just add the colum ‘memory’ and hey presto, there is the information!

Added the memory category

Added the memory category

This is such a neat tool. Give it a go and see what you can compare.

As ever, in order to make sure that your products and information, as it does all of these, is fed into the right Google channels. Nice one Google.

Tanya Goodin

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