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Generating revenue from ‘digital content’

Simran Nanda
Simran Nanda
Account Manager
30 June 2009

Paid content is the talk of the digital industry these days with quite a few start ups
wanting to get their feet wet in this arena. The question is whether they stand a chance
to generate revenue with paid content and most importantly how should they go about it?
Is it going to be via site subscriptions, syndication, micro-payments for individual
pieces of content or something more digital savvy? Some media agencies are suggesting
creating tools to help users generate revenue from their content.

After doing a bit of research before writing this blog post, the question that kept troubling
me was if the ‘paid content’ will really make up for the print ad revenue that has
disappeared from the newspaper industry in recent years? In the current economic climate,
it’s not only print revenue that is taking a beating but digital ad spend is
dropping as well.

These questions might look daunting but let’s look at it this way: paid content
revenue should not aim to replace the revenue lost in print but rather aim to generate
additional revenue.



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