2 June 2009 | Team Tamar

Flocking Sociable

For those of you that can empathise with me as I enjoy a bit of tittle-tattle with my neighbour over the garden fence, welcome to Flock. Whilst this may conjure images of Robert De Niro giving a truth test to Ben Stiller, meeting this flocker will give you social junkies just what you need.

Do you have multiple accounts and engage with friends, colleagues etc on Facebook, dig, flickr, bebo, twitter and myspace? Now you can keep up to date with all the info you need on these sites using Flock – “the social web browser”. Here’s just a taster of some of things you can do with Flock:

 – Gather all your data together in one place
 – Distribute your content to multiple destinations
 – Review your feeds, friends updates, favourites and photo/videos updates
 – Bookmark your favourites
 – Edit and upload your photos
 – Compose blogs and publish them
 – Plus lots more. Check out Flock’s features list.

I love it as it caters to my sense of ‘how can I do this quicker?’ and with the drag and drop and Flockcast (you can distribute your content to multiple destinations) functions keeping in touch and baring all to the world has become turbo charged. Flocking great!

Team Tamar