10 June 2009 | Team Tamar

Oak Lodge – Day 2

There is a real sense of enjoyment from Team Tamar at the end of day 2 as all our Oak Lodge projects start to take shape – see Aaron’s blog today for all the details on the vegetable garden, fish pond, outdoor classroom and more.

The staff and students have again welcomed us into their school and shown a massive interest in this exciting community project.

For any other organizations wishing to get closer to their local community this feels like the best way – working with the children and learning new ways of communicating, which I’m sure we will all take into our professional work place. We didn’t realize how effective and powerful hands (signing) along with gestures could be.

Our objectives this week apart from the key objective of building links with the community are:
– Getting the opportunity to lead a team
– To work along side an unfamiliar colleague
– To learn new skills

Today’s blog aims to highlight how all of the objectives are progressing mixed in with some highlights and challenges.

Simran uses gestures and sign

Simran one of our key client Account Managers had an amazing day working on the mural with the children of Oak Lodge this morning. She thought communication would be challenging and with the help of staff she used gestures and signing to work with them whilst painting together.

Richard keeps Tamar objectives in mind

Project Plan

Project Plan

Richard who normally designs accessible web sites has enjoyed being a project manager today, this has given him the chance to get a complete overview of the whole of the community project and allowed him to interact with everyone involved. Richard said “the real challenge is keeping the Tamar objectives in mind and ensuring that everyone is working well within thieir teams with people they don’t usually work with”.

Ayyaz gets surprised by the children’s talent

Ayyaz web site developer in other words writes the all important code was surprised how talented the children of Oak Lodge were today when painting the mural today. He was feeling very fragile (ankles and back) from Mondays manual labor which involved shifting tons of woodchip and soil.

Alex on the Powertools observing health and safety at all times

Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

Alex Tamar’s Sales Manager whose sign is big head (nothing surprising there for the type of personality that is known to thrive in marketing) almost gave himself a c-section with the circular saw today. This was whilst embarking on his advanced power tools lesson instructed by Barry (unfamiliar colleague), all inline with best practice health and safety.
Chloe one of our Search Campaign Managers believes you should treat a power drill like a lady, Tanya our CEO agreed.

Anthony gets valuable face to face time with Tamar

Anthony thought everything worked smoothly as today’s project manager and was particularly pleased to get face to face time with everyone in Tamar, something extremely rare in our busy thriving agency atmosphere.

Jess finds a baby frog


Jess Tamar’s Finance Director was in a slightly different environment from spreadsheets and reporting – the dark and murky waters of the pond were cleared by the installation of the bamboo fountain. Her highlight was finding a baby frog and showing the children.

The challenge was getting the bamboo water feature working whilst supporting a cool pair of funky green wellies. This was achieved with the help of Rob who was determined to reach this goal – he commandeered the important plug for the fountain with the help of one of the oak lodge staff members, who have all been exceptionally supportive.

Sarah plants herbs with the children


After spending all morning planting the totenpoles in the vegetable garden Sarah our Creative Director was joined by the children for an hour to plant the all important herbs. Her challenge for the day was overcome by Henry coming to the rescue in his bat mobile (new black Toyota estate) when she found the measurements for the replacement greenhouse glass were wrong – he drove down to the glaziers at top speed and they both individually contributed to the cost.

We are all looking forward to day 3 and learning more sign and spending more time with the children at Oak Lodge.

Team Tamar