12 June 2009 | Team Tamar

CSR Project 2009 – Day 4

And so we come to Tamar’s final day of the 2009’s community project at Oak Lodge school. With the school’s art exhibition scheduled that very evening, the pressure was on to get our projects complete and clearing away the mess we had created, ready for the evening’s visitors.

The main tasks of the day were to complete the ampitheatre…


…hang the children’s murals in the school car park…


…finish up the greenhouse area…


…as well as making some last minute adjustments to the pond’s bamboo water hammer.


I joined the ampitheathre team for the day where the men and Sarah Bubb got to work putting the final pieces of decking into place and the ‘dream masonary painting team’ (consisting of Tanya, Sarah Graveling and myself) began to make the finishing touches to the inner and outer walls of the structure. Fortunately the sun was on our side allowing the sandstone paint (picked out by the lovely Miss Sarah Tupman)  to dry in record time. Once paintig was complete, we then began shovelling yet more dirt around the walls and planted new grass seed to complete the look. painting-the-ampitheatre1


The highlight of the week for me was being invited to the school’s art exhibition where we were able to once again interact with the staff and pupils and thank individuals for all their help over the week. Although we had seen a glimpse of the school’s artistic talent with the outdoor murals that were created, we were all blown away by the amazing talent on show by the GCSE art students.


Although we faced a number of challenges when working on the community project together (namely the weather, a 2 day tube strike, lots of bumps and bruises and new levels of tiredness which I have never experienced before) I felt Tamar’s team spirit really shone through on Day 4 when we had to dig deep to complete the project on time. A huge sense of achievement was felt by all as visitors were shown around the new and improved additions to the school, which we all hope will be contributing to the students educations for years to come.

Well done to everyone, a great week of work, learning and enjoyment had by all!

Team Tamar