10 June 2009 | Team Tamar

CSR Project 2009 – Day 3

For once Tamar was most definitely lost for words.


Split into 3 groups, we were given practical, interactive lessons that ran sequentially through this morning on the basics of British sign language (BSL). 

BSL Class

BSL Class

Led by one teacher with the able and enthusiastic support of two oak lodge students, the rules were clear…

Don’t talk, stay attentive and follow a clearly defined schedule laid out by the teacher. 

Tamar is unmistakably ‘back to school’.

While a vow of silence was undertaken at the start, it often became impossible to control the laughter as Tamar ‘students’ stumbled, fumbled and almost mumbled their way through BSL 101.

On various occasions my colleagues’ thought it timely to show their true colors…

Some of the highlights included:

  • Eammon seemingly identified ‘being asleep’ as his most noteworthy hobby. This has since been countered by those who believe he in fact meant being in a skip and not being asleep. The jury is still out…
  • Neilson was equally incomprehensible; drawing a picture of a flying saucer that apparently represented his interest in OUF’s, FUO’s and at different times almost every possible variation of the intended acronym. Breathalysers at the ready!


Ed signing his name.

Ed signing his name.

Once again, the Oak Lodge students were on fine form; sharp, outgoing, passionate and thoroughly committed to transforming Tamar into a finely tuned BSL machine.


Their astounding ability to both understand and effectively communicate to BSL amateurs has been one of my genuine highlights of the week so far.

Best of all the kids seem to genuinely relish having us around. Even the occasional flying softball bat doesn’t seem to curb their enthusiasm…

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