9 June 2009 | Team Tamar

CSR Project 2009 – Day 2

There was a lot of activity around the school today and all the projects are progressing well.  Despite the grey skies overhead, the rain has stayed away, and with the kids getting involved everyone is feeling really upbeat.  The status of our projects around the school are as follows:

Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym reading for painting

Jungle Gym ready for painting

The remaining uprights for the jungle gym were cemented in early in the day and the horizontal walking surfaces have now been attached.  Structurally the gym is now complete, so tomorrow, the team will be working with some of the students to prepare the surfaces and paint the entire structure.


All the block work on the amphitheatre has now been rendered and is drying, in preparation for painting tomorrow.  The team have also finished attaching all the fascia boards, and will be looking to complete all the decking by close of play.

Old Seating Area

The old seating area is now finished.  The team have removed all the old wood chip and edging boards and have filled the area with topsoil and grass seed.  Once the grass is established this reclaimed area will significantly increase the amount of grassy area for the kids to play on.

Fish Pond

All the new water plants for the fish pond have arrived and the team will be working with students tomorrow to get the plants potted and distributed around the pond.  Today the team built and installed a Japanese Water hammer which will hopefully scare away the heron which has been feeding on the Carp in the pond!

Green House

Green house with new glass

Green house with new glass

The green house was given a thorough cleaning today in preparation for painting tomorrow.  A number of the glass panes that had been broken or cracked were also replaced.  Tomorrow the students will be getting involved with the team to plant some vegetables to go inside the green house.

Veggie Patch

Today the team worked closely with students from the school to plant a variety of vegetables in the newly reclaimed garden.  Given how nice the garden now looks, we have decided to install a number of benches around the garden for students to sit on.  These will be built and installed tomorrow.


The students and Tamar team all worked together today painting the murals the students have designed.  The murals which are all based on the theme “communication” will be cut out tomorrow and installed on a wall leading into the school for all to see.


With good progress being made today on all the projects, the team are all excited and focused on tomorrow where we will be getting more opportunities to work with the students, as well as participating in signing classes.

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Team Tamar