9 June 2009 | Team Tamar

Apple IPhone 3G – S

One of the worst kept secrets in Apple IPhone history was confirmed yesterday with the announcement of the new Apple IPhone at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC).

Apple have taken a leaf from the automotive industry by appending an “S” to the souped up version on their new phone and are calling it the IPhone-3G S.

As expected the new IPhone will support Video recording, a feature which has been standard on Blackberrys for quite some time now.  Some of the hype prior to the release had suggested that the video camera would be mounted on the front of the phone to allow users to video conference, however it appears that Apple have chosen to keep the camera mounted in a similar position to existing models.

Other features on the new version of the phone include:

  • Copy and Paste (a long time overdue)
  • Voice control (so even if your kids won’t listen to you, your phone will)
  • A compass that will reorient your mapping software based on the direction you are facing
  • Speed improvements which Apple claim can make the IPhone up to twice as fast as current 3G versions
  • 32GB of storage

For those of you looking for a new phone (or whose contract is due to expire soon), the release date for the 3GS is currently set for the 17th of June and it will be available from O2.

Team Tamar

  • Paul

    I want one, but can’t get O2 at my house. Anyone know when Apple are going to open this open to other networks? I was hoping it would be with this release.