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5 reasons why SEO is like Pilates

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
27 June 2009

So just why is SEO like Pilates?

I have been in the SEO space for 12 years and doing Pilates for 8. And as I was in the Pilates studio this morning it occured to me (classic ‘pain’ displacement going on here) that there were several similarities between SEO and Pilates. So here are my top 5!

It's hard work.

It's hard work.

  • It’s a long term game. No quick wins and no immediate benefit. But long term, if you do it right you will have great success.
  • There is no silver bullet, but small consistant, incremental changes all add up.
  • Stop and the effects are not noticeable straight away. But after a short time you start to go backwards!
  • For the best results go with the experts. In my case here: Body Control Pilates
  • Sometimes it doesn’t get any easier, no matter how hard you try and keep at it – try the ‘snake’ anyone?

For those who have never done Pilates properly give it a go. Once you get into it you feel fantastic after each session. But do make sure you get the right advice.  (And I am going to pass on the obvious plug for Tamar here!)

Have a good weekend.



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