21 May 2009 | Team Tamar

We’re heading back to Vuyani Primary for Round 3!

With only a couple of weeks left before our project kicks off I thought it an opportune time to update everyone about is happening on the CSR front here in Cape Town. As some of you may (or may not) know we will be returning to Vuyani Primary School in Gugulethu as we have done over the last two years.

Our two previous projects focused mainly on building and improving the exterior of the school, whether it be building a class room or paving the area around the class room, this year however we will be focusing on improving the children’s classrooms.

We will be building 14 bookshelves for the Grades R – 6 classrooms as they currently don’t have much space for storing books in them. We will also be building some seesaws for the children (three in total) and finally we’ll be creating a shaded area next to the Grade R classroom (in case you don’t know, Grade R is the equivalent of a pre-primary and the kids are generally about 5 years old) to provide the children with a place to stay out of the sun during the scorching summer months.

Our fundraising effort has been quite remarkable, considering the financial turmoil in the world, and we will be purchasing all of the materials we need within the next week or so. Last year the rain played havoc with our schedule (as it is sure to do again, after all, if you have ever been in Cape Town in the winter you will understand what I am talking about), but luckily this year we’ll be inside and not exposed to the elements as much, in theory anyway.
We will but updating our blog and Twitter feed during the actual week on a regular basis, so feel free to come back and keep an eye on how we’re doing!

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