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TLC goes back to school

Alex Christie

20 May 2009

Its less than 3 weeks to the big project at Oak Lodge school, so here at Tamar Lifeline Charity, we thought it a good time to update on how preparations are going in the UK.

Oak Lodge schoolTLC are building a relationship with Oak Lodge school, Balham.

This years project is all about mini projects. There are 7 of them in total – pond, greenhouse, vegetable patch, jungle wall, miniture amhitheatre, classroom painting, and mural wall – not to mention other ‘odd jobs’ and signing lessons – all rounded off by a friendly kickabout. Phew!

Tamar’s own Sarah G, Jess, Jeremy, Lavelle and Richard have been streaking ahead with the orgainisation of their own projects – with visits to the school art department by Richard and Lavelle for a chat with teachers and students around what they want from the mural wall. Sarah and Jeremy have been consulting the experts about the jungle wall and veg patch respectively, and Jess has even been roping in the other half for help with her grand plans for the pond revamp. No one is safe!

The unfaultering Nicky and I have been flat out organising the weeks activities – with Neil A and I scratching our heads and stroking our beards (ok thats just me) over the building of the mini amphitheature. Having never undertaken a building project before – I can testify that its a tricky job working it all through with builder and architect – lots of thought to the detail and cups of tea. I’m sure that the experience will stand us in good stead for future projects – but I’m very glad we have Neil on board – as he’s is very good at rooting out the potential problems! (Which can only lead to more scratching of heads, stroking of beards and cups of tea).

Big credit to Roland and his team at FCP Architects, who have given up valuable time whilst swamped in work to help us out – with no charges – purely for a great cause. We are hoping we can turn their fantastic ideas and drawings into something wonderful for the school to use for learning and recreation.

Things are really coming together and shaping up – and the best part of this happening for Nicky and I was sharing this with the students. Last week, we took assembly in front of the whole school – and talked through who TLC are, what we would be doing, and how the children could get involved. Whilst it was a bit scary for Nicky and I (its certainly been a while since I have been explaining myself in front of a bunch of teachers!) the children asked lots of questions, and were all very excited.

Roll on June 8th – lets just hope its as sunny as it was for last years project!



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