21 May 2009 | Team Tamar

Social Media – Pressing delete on personal privacy

Social media concerns me. Despite being a regular user of Facebook and Twitter I am very conscious of the long term implications these tools have for individuals personal privacy.

As an example, if an individual chooses to post information about what they did on the weekend that is fine, however what if the same post includes photos or references to other people? What rights do the other people referenced in the post have? Where is the accountability?

Once information makes it onto the internet there is no getting it back, and unlike traditional media where journalists and editors fact check their story, social media has none of these safety nets in place.

These concerns were further highlighted by a recent report that found that 7 out of 16 social media websites tested, failed to remove photos from their servers after the user deleted it.

So the next time you are posting information online ask yourself the question, how long will this be around.

Team Tamar