29 May 2009 | Team Tamar

Oak Lodge and TLC – the building commences!

With just over a week to go until the project, things are really starting to shape up at Oak Lodge. Last weekend, Tony and his team from designbuilding got the foundations underway for our mini amphitheatre. It required a mini digger and the efforts of six of Tony’s workforce – all working on donated time for a fantastic cause.


Things look a bit scary at the building site (as that’s what we are calling it at the moment!) with some deep trenches and obviously lots of work going on, but this coming weekend (with a bit of luck from the weather) the team will be able to get the concrete footings in and laid.



With the footings in, the project will be ready for the Tamar team to work with Oak Lodge on the 8th June and get the mini amphitheatre built!

On other fronts, here at Tamar we are busy working out details for the pond and the vegetable garden, as well as the mural, amongst other projects.

Things kick off on June 8th, so let’s just hope that we get the same weather for the week that we are expecting this weekend!

Team Tamar

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