26 May 2009 | Team Tamar

MySpace adds profile designer… at last

In a move which could be seen as closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, MySpace are publicising their brand new “Profiles 2.0” this week, which allows users to choose from a massive range of profile themes and designs. Whilst this is surely an exciting move for MySpace, it’s not exactly a trail-blazing move in the world of Social Media – after all, sites which allow you to customise your MySpace profile have been around for years now, and this seems to be the first time that they’re actually *encouraging* users to use this feature in a more creative way.


To be fair to MySpace, they’re not being as insular as the move might seem – when you go to customise your profile on the site, they do say things like “The CSS link lets you paste in Profile 2.0 themes from other sites (e.g., pyzam.com, myspaceoryours.net)” – so they’re not discouraging users from using these other sites. But it will definitely seem a little odd to most regular users that they’re now trumpeting something which most users have been doing by themselves for over a year.

The addition of drag-and-drop capabilities on most of the elements within a user’s profile is taking them closer to the functionality users have on Facebook – although ironically, it’s more like the Facebook layout that Facebook had before their recent (and controversial) redesign. 

Maybe next they’re going to switch to a Twitter-esque status stream…?!

Team Tamar

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