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CMS – The Secret of My Success

Alex Christie

18 May 2009

s2msI quite often get asked by clients where they should be spending their limited design/build budget and my answer is nearly always the same. Get a good CMS.  A well implemented CMS will pay for itself many times over and will give your organisation a competivie edge.  Below are three of the top reasons for investing in a new CMS.


Google values content and so do most consumers. Being able to quickly and easily add content to your site without having to go back to your IT supplier reduces your overall operating costs and allows you to quickly react to opportunities in the market place.

When the credit crunch first hit and banks started failing, it was important for financial institutions to reassure customers that their money was safe. Those organisations with content management systems in place were able to quickly respond to the changing market place and address consumer concerns.


One of the largest costs to running a website is ongoing maintenance. Content management systems make sites far more maintainable by separating the content on the page from the design elements. This reduces the amount of time required to make changes to the look of a site and helps reduce the amount of testing required.

By reducing the cost associated with maintaining and refreshing your site, organisations with CMS’s are able to refresh their websites more frequently, thereby staying in touch with their target audience.


A good CMS will allow you to quickly and easily tick all the onsite SEO optimisation boxes, thereby helping you to achieve the maximum return on investment from your SEO campaign.  In addition to being able to add content quickly a good CMS will have (or support) features such as:

  • Automatic sitemap generation
  • RSS feeds
  • Social media bookmarks
  • SEO friendly templates (i.e. appropriate tags and meta data)
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