21 April 2009 | Team Tamar

Jeeves is back – and this time he’s social!

Mpu_2 So after three years in the wilderness, the clever people over at Ask.com have decided to invite their famous butler Jeeves back in from the cold, in the hopes that his return will give them the edge over at least a few of their competitors. Whilst they are unlikely to be troubling Google's current domination any time soon, they have added a few"social media" weapons to their arsenal in their new incarnation. Amongst them:

  • Jeeves is now on Twitter – though his attempts to attract the attention of one of his biggest fans (Stephen Fry) have so far been unsuccessful
  • He's also on Facebook – he's got 400-odd fans so far, but his celebrity friends will surely help this increase over the next few weeks…
Whilst these may be small drops in the ocean of success, we at Tamar think that Ask have learnt a few lessons from dropping their famous butler 3 years back – and they've clearly been watching the success of other mascots on Twitter and Facebook too. Compare the Market's Aleksandr has attracted over 12,000 followers  on Twitter and a stunning 360,000 fans on Facebook – if Jeeves can attract anywhere near as much love on these two sites, the PR value for the Ask relaunch could be boosted significantly.

I personally will be very interested to see how well they manage to "engage" Stephen Fry in their campaign, seeing as how much of a Twitter advocate he is. Having played the famous butler (albeit with a lot less search-engine action!) for three years back in the 1990's, Fry has frequently expressed his love for Wodehouses famous servant – but what will he think of his latest incarnation? Only time will tell…

Team Tamar

  • http://www.jamieriddell.com Jamie Riddell

    Ask Jeeves is dead in the water and has been for some time. Each new attempt at rebirth rapidly falls apart. This latest re-invention (or should we call it a ‘franchise reboot’) only glosses over the inadequacies that made us all stop using them years ago.

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