23 April 2009 | Team Tamar

Google Launches Analytics API

Google anounced on Tuesday that they have released their Google Analytics API to the public at large. Here is what was written on the Google Analytics Blog:

What's so exciting about an API? The API will allow developers to extend Google Analytics in new and creative ways that benefit developers, organizations and end users. Large organizations and agencies now have a standardized platform for integrating Analytics data with their own business data.

Developers can integrate Google Analytics into their existing products and create standalone applications that they sell. Users could see snapshots of their Analytics data in developer created dashboards and gadgets. Individuals and business owners will have opportunities to access their Google Analytics information in a variety of new ways.

This is a really exciting development for website marketers and it is certainly going to be interesting to see the new applications that are going to make use of this new API.

Team Tamar