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Google image search gets colour filters

Alex Christie

9 April 2009

Okay, so whilst it might not be an algorithm update or an addition of streetview, we at Tamar like to give the nod to small Google changes as well as the sizable ones. And I would like to acknowledge yesterdays addition of a colour filter to Google image search.

This makes it far easier to find whatever one is looking for, in whatever colour sir or madam would like. (Provided its on the Google palette):

Vespa Green colour search

The colour even overides the keyword in the search:

Vespa Red

The feature allows you to search using colour for things you wouldnt think it would matter that much with. Like a name:

Steve Jobs red 

Scary huh…

I'm not sure that this is going to make the biggest difference to the world of search, and I dont think any of my clients will be re-adjusting their keyword strategy as a result, but if you desperately need to find a picture of a pink elephant, it certainly makes the arduous task easier. Enjoy!

Pink elephant picture



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